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Check out the volunteer opportunities or just tell us how you want to help.

We have received great response from many excited individuals who want to participate in Greenroads Foundation, regardless of whether they are working on a project, are a student, or their company is a member.

It's true, from time to time, as Greenroads Foundation grows and develops, we will need the help of willing and selfless individuals for some volunteer opportunities. We are happy to include you if you are willing and able!

Currently, we are seeking:

  • Event Coordinator (meet at least 1 time per month in person for planning and scheduling monthly events with staff, up to 12 hours anticipated per month)

  • Earth Week Volunteer Leader (for large event April 22 2016).

Before you participate though, we recommend you read our Bylaws to see how Volunteers fit into the Greenroads Foundation's organizational structure.

Volunteer Application

When you are ready, please fill out our online Volunteer Application.

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