Donate a Vehicle

Put your old cars value to work on greener roads.

Do you:

  • Have an old, run-down clunker you want to take off the streets?

  • Love mass transit, biking to work, or walking to your local downtown area?

Are you:

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above, then donate your old car to Greenroads! Your vehicle turns directly into cash that funds the development and improvement of our educational program and helps us to promote more sustainable design and construction of roadways.

We have partnered with Charitable Auto Resources, Inc., a national third-party vehicle donation management group based in San Diego, CA, to accept vehicle donations of all kinds. They do all the work and give us 70% of the profits, with a proven track record. It's easy! We have even tested the results ourselves!

Donate to Greenroads today by calling 1-855-500-RIDE or by clicking here. Do good for your neighborhood streets: free pickup, no-hassle donation, and get a tax write-off!