STP Credentials

Become an STP (Sustainable Transportation Professional) and add some green to your résumé

Who should be an STP?

  • Engineers, designers, and project managers working with Greenroads

  • Public works directors and representatives

  • Up-and-coming professionals interested in sustainable transportation 

  • Project managers in road construction

  • Community organizers promoting sustainability

  • Road infrastructure engineers

  • Sustainability consultants and specialists

  • Students interested in pursuing a career in sustainable transportation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices for green transportation. With four different levels of expertise available, our STP badges demonstrate a meaningful and informed commitment to sustainability. 

About the STP Credentials

There are four levels of STP Credentials, each based on five core content areas

STP Exams

Download exam highlights, register for exams, and review FAQs

Renew Your STP Credentials

Keep your badge up to date by working on projects, volunteering, and staying up to date.

Active STP Directory

A list of individuals who have completed the Sustainable Transportation Professional Exam.

STP Credential Maintenance

Ways to keep your badge current.