Professional Credentials

About our Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) credentialing program

The Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) Credentials are designed to confer real green “street cred” to real people.

  • You may be the champion of your projects' greenness every day and a huge fan of a healthy environment.

  • You may be a bold leader in the transportation field, maybe even a public works director. 

  • You may an up and coming young professional trying to find your niche.

  • You may have years of experience in environmental compliance from many years on site and a great tan.

  • Maybe you are a stellar communications person for public involvement.

  • Maybe you're a parent and practicing engineer or construction manager, thinking about your legacy.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you probably desire to demonstrate to others in your field that you are one of a distinct class of people with a comprehensive understanding of green transportation. One of the best ways to demonstrate this knowledge is by completing a standardized exam to add some letters after your name. Maybe that seems like a small thing but what matters most is how you will put them to use and get involved, and that's how our STP program works.

About the STP Credentials

There are four levels of STP Credentials, each with a unique colored badge and minimum requirements.

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Keep your badge up to date by working on projects, volunteering, and staying up to date.

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STP Credential Maintenance

Ways to keep your badge current.