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We've learned a lot in four and a half years and v2 reflects how the industry has evolved with sustainability since we started in 2010.

Things you will notice that v2 includes:

  • An eye toward environmental justice

  • A bigger role for contractors and suppliers

  • More performance-based standards

  • More credits, less pavement (really!)

  • More options, simplified language

  • A hat tip to your local values and good ideas.

  • The same core concepts and approach that make transport projects way more fun when they are Greenroads projects.

In addition, we have moved the Rating System to a subscription based model, so that we can better sustain ourselves in the longer term, too. You can access the most current information for the same cost as about 4 lattes on your own, or for free with your company's membership. We need your support to keep being the best, most credible, independent, globally-recognized, sustainable transportation rating system in the world. Thanks for being a part of it!

You can take the Greenroads v2 web app for a spin here.

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