The Greenroads Rating System

The recipe book for your sustainable transportation project.

The GreenroadsĀ® Rating System is an easy way to measure and manage sustainability on transportation projects. The Rating System is the core publication used in the Greenroads Project Rating Program, which challenges Project Teams to go above and beyond minimum environmental, social, and economic performance measures and evaluated by an independent, expert, third-party review. The Rating System and all Greenroads Programs are administered by the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Greenroads International.

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Greenroads v2 Online

Explore our performance measures for sustainable transportation projects.

Version 2 Errata

Running list of amendments and additions for the Version 2 Rating System publication PDF.

Greenroads v2 Project Checklist

A free web app for self-assessment.

Rating System Maintenance & Updates

Our maintenance goals and expected sunset schedule for the current version.

Our Research & Experience

These are our published writings about Greenroads and some related work.

Formal Comments & Responses

This is where we post the formal comments that we receive from stakeholder organizations.

Archived Publications

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