Featured Projects

This page contains a catalog of our completed projects that have Certified to date and a selection of our Pilot Projects since 2010. If you are wondering where all of the active projects are, check out the Project Directory which lists registered projects and their locations.

Fun fact: about 3 in 5 of our Pilot Projects turn into a pursuit of Certification on the same Project. Another 1 in 5 go for Certification on a different Project than the pilot, and the rest usually are part of a broader owner-sponsored Pilot Program (no intent to certify, just to benchmark, maybe located internationally, or were built a while ago and are ineligible). Most owners use Pilot Projects as a tool to get to know how Greenroads might work for their agency. It's a great idea and we strongly encourage Pilot Projects for your first time.

We are expecting to see our first Certifications for Version 2 (published 7/2015) coming out later this year and any outstanding v1.5 Projects (published 2/2011) are wrapping up by end of 2016.