Pilot Projects

For agencies and all international projects that want to test out Greenroads.

Pilot Projects intend to serve as a learning experience for both the owner-agency and the Project Team. Pilot Project assessments are less formal than Certification, but follow the same general rubric and process. If you are not familiar with sustainability or just appreciate being able to test out something new before you implement it, this is probably a good place to start with Greenroads.

Pilot Projects have the added benefit of limited use of the Greenroads Pilot Project logo, which can be a good way to encourage engagement with stakeholders (especially on large projects!) Pilot Projects are also featured on our website and are shared as learning tools for other project teams.


  • Pilot Projects are open to all types of projects, everywhere.
  • Pilot Projects are requiired to determine eligibility for Certification if your project is less than 1 year from notice to proceed for construction.
  • Pilot Projects are required for projects located in any country other than USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Please request a copy of International Pilot Program guidance if you are interested in participating in a program outside of these three countries.
  • Certain Pilot Projects may be eligible for Certification as a result of a Pilot Assessment.

Pilot Project

In this option, we review the following standard project documents for general compliance with the current version of the Greenroads Rating System:

  • Standard plans and specifications 
  • Special provisions for the project (if any) 
  • Schedule of costs (bid tab) 
  • Environmental Review document
  • Project website (if any)
  • Design reports for major structural features (pavements, bridges, tunnels) 
  • Hydraulic or drainage reports 
  • Mix design documents 
  • Geotechnical reports

Based on these resources, we can provide a credit-by-credit assessment of the project and a score for the project as a whole in a short technical memo. Typically, the Pilot Project is most appropriate for projects that are already built or are nearly built and serves as a "lessons learned" roadmap for future projects. Note that projects that are already built or started construction prior to 2011 are not likely to be eligible for Certification unless an old version of Greenroads was used in design, and in this case, successfully certifying is often a real challenge for the Project Team.