Getting Started

Working on your first green mile or kilometer? Follow these steps to get off on the right foot.

Here's how to kickstart your Project:

  • If you have questions, give us a call at 425.376.0685 during our regular Wednesday office hours for project teams (10am-4pm PST Wednesdays, 10am-12pm by appointment only).

  • All projects must submit a free screening application.

  • After we receive the application, we will call you and discuss the Project.

  • Then, we will provide a formal estimate of the fee, including any membership discounts that apply on behalf of the applicant.

  • After your eligibility is determined, all projects must select a Registration package. The registration fee can be stand-alone and can be paid by credit card.

  • You can review all of the Agreements that are involved ahead of time here. These agreements include the scopes of work stated in the current Greenroads Project Handbook.

  • If you are not the Owner of the project, we require an owner's written approval to proceed working with you (authorized agent). We are happy to help you obtain this approval. For the record, most P3 and design-build-operate-maintain projects are considered licensed agents, not Owners, despite their extended contracts. We can work with any designated responsible party, provided that at least 1 representative of the Owner agency has viewing access to the documents and is aware that their organization is participating in Greenroads (if by proxy). For projects with multiple owners, at least 1 representative of each owner agency must have access privileges to the rating and be represented on the Project Team. We recommend that we contract with the party that will be doing most of the work.

  • You can save time and set us up as a vendor by providing our Form W9 and IRS Letter of Exemption to your purchasing, procurement, or accounts payable department. If you are a local agency, you may send us a purchase order request to match the estimate we provide.

  • Registration is complete and the project is listed in the Project Directory when we have received a signed contract and fees.

  • As soon as the project is officially Registered, the Project Team has access to the online Project Workspace and may begin using the online system for tracking and managing the Project's Certification. Try it out.

  • Please view our video tutorials for help with the website. They will walk you through the process of registration and uploading documents in about 20 minutes.