STP Exams

Download exam highlights, register for exams, and review FAQs

You must complete a separate registration for each exam that you wish to take. 

STP Levels must be completed in sequence. Read more about Greenroads Professional Credentials and what you can do once you have them here.

Level 1 STP Exam Registration - Brown Badge

For those wishing to become Greenroads Community Advocates.

Level 2 STP Exam Registration - Orange Badge

For Level 1 STPs wishing to upgrade their Brown Badge.

FAQ and Terms

  • You have access to the exams immediately after you register. 
  • If you close your browser after you register, you can get back to the exam at You may need to login again using your Greenroads website login information in order to access the exam. 
  • Exam registration fees expires after 1 year.
  • Reference materials that may be necessary to complete the exam are available on the Greenroads Website.
  • You may purchase up to 3 attempts on any one exam. You may make up to 3 attempts in 1 year. Exception: Practice Exams have unlimited attempts once purchased.
  • The waiting period for a retake is 30 days after your first attempt, and 60 days after your 2nd retake.
  • You may not purchase attempts for other people.
  • If you are interested in a group registration option, please email us directly. We offer group discounts for 10 or more.
  • If you are working on a Registered Project and wish to earn points for your team (Credit CE-1), Level 2 is required for the minimum point value as of April 1, 2016. The exception is any Level 1 Alpha or Beta STPs that have renewed recently and are in good standing, other Beta and Gamma STPs until their slated renewal date, and Deltas that passed prior to 3/31/2016 through renewal and any STPs working on the last few v1.5 Projects wrapping up this year.
  • Please note we are actively working on updating the following: sample exams, Candidate Guide, STP FAQ flyer, this page and other STP info on the site. We are rolling out updates as they complete, so stay tuned.