Certification is a detailed review of your project using the Greenroads Rating System.

Certification is a rigorous review of your project using the Greenroads Rating System that lasts for the entire duration of project development, through the end of construction.

What's Included in Certification?

  1. Preliminary Review (usually 60% design or later - first pass of design documents)
  2. Final Review (usually after substantial completion - second pass of design documents, first pass of construction documents)
  3. Closeout punchlist (after construction, second pass of all outstanding documents)
  4. Introductory presentation on Greenroads (website orientation)
  5. Feedback and support from Greenroads staff (some limitations apply)
  6. Project team training session(s) for projects above $100 million (session duration and frequency based on project size).
  7. Limited logo use throughout the certification process.
  8. Certification award if successful.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

Automatic approval terms to participate in Certification are listed below. Any one of the 10 items below missing requires staff approval and review and waiver of any term before proceeding to Certification. Most projects that do not meet all 10 will be directed to a Pilot Project Assessment first.

  1. The Project/Program is in full legal and regulatory compliance from the start of project development, or upon Registration, whichever is soonest, and remain so for the duration of Certification.
  2. The Project/Program has at least one centerline and is located on contiguous real property.
  3. The Project/Program must be part of a transportation master plan(s) and/or comprehensive system plan(s) that has been approved by all local public agencies impacted by the project and the approval process includes a public engagement component.
  4. The Project/Program must have more than 50% funding approved for construction.
  5. The Project/Program must be present within an approved budget cycle upon commitment to Certification and reasonably be expected to receive full funding within 2 years.
  6. The Project/Program is more than 6 months prior to construction NTP (for projects <$15 million) or 1 year (for projects >$15 million).
  7. At least one representative that is a full time employee of the public owner agency is part of the process for the full duration of Certification.
  8. The Project/Program includes substantial transportation-related improvements and be more than 5,000 square feet in total disturbed area.
  9. A Project Team may not attempt to certify real property that is not owned by the Primary Owner without also including the other Owner Agencies on the Team.
  10. Projects must be located in a country that has successfully completed a Greenroads Pilot Program.

Defining Your Project

For Certification, you will be asked to provide certain details about the site and status of your project, including different measurements of area, at minimum, to help Greenroads understand the scope and nature of your project. You may also choose to pursue Greenroads credits that require measurements of depth, weights and volumes of materials, hours and costs. All of these factors are used to understand your project, and help your team identify reasonable boundary conditions for scoring it. Most projects are already keeping track of this information already, but not usually all in one place or by one party. The Greenroads Project Workspace is a single location where multiple parties can track and store information as you go through the project.

The fundamental unit of Greenroads Certification is a single continuous transportation construction site, called a segment and referred to as a Greenroads “Project.” Note that your definition of "project" may not match the Greenroads definition, especially in cases of major or mega capital projects that are very complicated and sometimes include multiple parties, contracts or phases in time.
Your Application may be made up of one or more Project segments, or may be packaged in a specific way to facilitate the ease of management through design and construction. Some examples of Project traits that indicate Your Application will be divided into Project segments:
  • Multiple owners*
  • Different designers
  • Different prime contractors
  • Different specifications or contract requirements
  • Mixed greenfield/developed conditions
  • Disjointed centerlines or otherwise not connected to each other (vertical and horizontal discontinuities)
  • Multiple phases or discontinuous timing of construction (especially due to funding)
  • Multiple work locations throughout an area or corridor (such as street improvements)
  • Change in functional class within construction limits
  • Route name change
Each segment will be its own “Greenroads Project” and be assigned a unique GPN and work area on the Website.
Multiple related Greenroads Projects are treated programmatically (Your Greenroads “Application”), and may also be assigned a “Composite Rating” representing the collective performance of all segments in the defined Application, if desired, upon completion of construction of all Projects. For Projects with multiple segments, all segments must at minimum be shown to meet the all Project Requirements credits, individually, or as a whole.
*If there are multiple Owners involved in Your Application, you will have multiple segments (i.e. multiple Greenroads Projects eligible for separate ratings) defined in part, by property lines, at minimum.

Certification Thresholds (Version 2)

Version 2 has 12 Project Requirements, 45 voluntary Core Credits (115 points) across 5 categories, and 4 voluntary Extra Credits (up to 15 points max) for a total of 130 points available. Projects must complete and document all 12 Project Requirements and document a minimum of 40 points to be eligible for a minimum Rating.

  • Bronze: 40 points + 12 PRs (about 30% of total points available)
  • Silver: 50 points + 12 PRs (about 38% of total points available)
  • Gold: 60 points + 12 PRs (about 46% of total points available)
  • Evergreen: 70 points + 12 PRs (about 62% of total points available)

Old Certification Thresholds (Version 1.5)

We stopped supporting and updating Version 1.5 on June 30, 2015 and it no longer being supported or available for newly registering projects.

Version 1.5 has 11 Project Requirements, 37 voluntary Core Credits (108 points) in 5 categories, and 9 voluntary Custom ("Extra") Credits (up to 10 points max) for a total of 118 points available. Projects must complete and document all 12 Project Requirements and document a minimum of 40 points to be eligible for a minimum Rating.

  • Bronze: 32 points + 11 PRs (about 30% of total points available)
  • Silver: 43 points + 11 PRs (about 40% of total points available)
  • Gold: 54 points + 11 PRs (about 50% of total points available)
  • Evergreen: 64 points + 11 PRs (about 60% of total points available)

Version Transition Documents

The documents below are provided as helpful tools for those of you familiar with the older version of Greenroads, but now are working with the updated Version 2.