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How Much Does Greenroads Cost?

This is everyone's favorite question.

The Board of Directors adopted new pricing for registration effective July 1, 2015. Registration fees have substantially increased to include required training and support.

The Project Screening Application is always free.

Registration Fees

All projects must register to participate. The screening application is free, however there is a fee once your project has been approved for moving forward.

  • Registration (Domestic Projects) <=$15 million = $1995
  • Registration (Domestic Projects) >$15 million = $4995
  • Add $3000 if your project is located internationally, which does not include any travel costs or additional work.

Note that Project Registration expires in 2 years. If your project will not be fully funded for construction within 2 years, you will not be given the Certification Agreement until the project is funded and prepared for construction. If your project expires, you have the following options:

  1. Pay a reactivation fee to extend your registration.
  2. Commit to other forms of training or assessment to stay engaged for the longer term.
  3. Pay for additional technical support requests on an hourly basis.
  4. Request a custom quote for extended registration and training for the required duration until you expect to receive funding and go-ahead for construction.
  5. Do nothing. We will remove your project from the Project Directory.


Certification: Fee Estimate (Approximate)

We base our Certification fees on the size of the Project (measured by the design fees + engineer's estimate of the construction contract price + associated right-of-way costs). This is the fairest indicator that we found industry-wide that adequately represents the complexity of the project and the amount of our time that your team will require for you to be successful.

Enter the estimated or actual construction value of the project below in US dollars to get a quick estimate of the fee for certification. We strongly recommend that you fill out the free screening application before relying on this tool so that we can help give you a more accurate estimate of the certification cost, especially if you have a complex project with several segments or phases.

Assessment Fees

Assessments may be done at any time by any project anywhere. The fees listed below.
  • A-Lined Assessments - $1,000 (results are project confidential, and may not be published or distributed)
  • Pilot Project - $2,500 (results are public, scores may be shared actively with other teams, and co-promoted).
We no longer provide technical reports for the above fees. If you would like a technical report with your Assessment, prices are 4x more for domestic projects and 6x more for international projects per project. They include original research by Greenroads expressly for your Project and include a set of personalized recommendations.

For international organizations looking to get involved, Assessments are the place to start. We can prepare a customized Pilot Program and scope for you. Just ask. The investment required in an international pilot program can be up to $250,000 USD and works best as owner-sponsored research with a custom scope to suit.

Project Case Study

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