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How Much Does Greenroads Cost?

This is everyone's favorite question.

The Board of Directors adopted new pricing effective July 1, 2014. You can download the price list here which even includes helpful hints on strategy and timing, depending on the stage of your project's development. 

The minimum fee for certification is $3995 ($3500 + the $495 regsitration fee) for projects $3 million or less. Larger projects do cost more to certify but take more time to do so and require more ongoing involvement from Greenroads staff, so we charge a larger fee but overall a smaller percentage of the project cost through using breakpoints in the fee schedule. Learn more here.

We base our Certification fees on the size of the Project (measured by the engineer's estimate of the construction contract price and associated right-of-way costs) and otherwise charge fees for additional Assessments and training that are required based on traits like the size, complexity, and duration of the project. We may charge additional fees for travel and communication of approximately 10% for international projects, or speaking fees for requests to attend meetings, provide additional training, etc. Please see the What We Do page for more information.

Our lunch and learn webinar is always free and available on request. Schedule one for your organization here;!

Certification: Fee Estimate (Approximate

Enter the estimated or actual construction value of the project below in US dollars to get a quick estimate of the fee for certification. We strongly recommend that you fill out the free screening application before relying on this tool so that we can help give you a more accurate estimate of the certification cost, especially if you have a complex project with several segments or phases.

Assessment Fees

As of July 1, 2014, we no longer offer the Basic Pilot Project option.

Assessments may be done at any time by any project anywhere. However, we encourage you to attempt Certification if you haven't started construction yet.
  • A-Lined Assessments - $1,000 (results are project confidential, and may not be published or distributed)
  • Pilot Project - $7,500 (results are public, scores may be shared actively with other teams, and co-promoted)

Pilot Projects are the same as the Detailed Assessment for large projects and may be used as a step stone on the path to committing to certify.

Expenses are billed separately. See more information here.

Getting Started

Here's how to kickstart your Project:

  • All projects must submit a free screening application.
  • After we receive the application, we will call you and discuss the Project, or you can send us a meeting request directly at
  • Then, we will provide a formal estimate of the fee, including any membership discounts that apply on behalf of the applicant.
  • After your eligibility is determined, all projects must register. The registration fee can be stand-alone and costs $495 and can be paid by credit card.
  • You can review all of the Agreements that are involved ahead of time here. These agreements include the scopes of work stated in the current Greenroads Project Handbook.
  • You can save us time and set us up as a vendor by providing our Form W9 and IRS Letter of Exemption to your purchasing, procurement, or accounts payable department. If you are a local agency, you may send us a purchase order request to match the estimate we provide.
  • Registration is complete and the project is listed in the Project Directory when we have received a signed contract and fees due according to your desired payment schedule.
  • As soon as the project is officially Registered, the Project Team has access to the online Project Workspace and may begin using the online system for tracking and managing the Project's Certification.
  • Please view our video tutorials for help with the website.


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