How Much Does Greenroads Cost?

This is everyone's favorite question.

The Board of Directors adopted new pricing for registration effective October 1, 2016. Registration fees have changed to include required training and project support and allow for extended terms of Registration.

Registration and Project Support Fees

All projects must register to participate and maintain active Registration throughout the entire duration of the project's construction period plus 90 days past final completion and acceptance. Registration terms are a maximum of 3 years or as customized for a specific project. A maximum of 3 years, renewable at the end of term, is recommended for most projects.

  • Prospective Registration & Project Support - $900 per year ($75 per month). Available as early as 5 years before expected NTP. At year 3, Prospective Projects are upgraded to Committed at no additional cost.
  • Committed Registration & Project Support - $1800 per year ($150 per month). Available as early as 3 years before expected NTP. At year 2, Committed Projects with intent to Certify are upgraded to Active at no additional cost.
  • Active Registration & Project Support - $2700 per year ($225 per month). New projects may join at this level between 2 years before NTP and 1 year before NTP only. 
  • Expedited Registration & Project Support - $5400 per year ($450 per month) if within 1 year of NTP, else $7800 per year ($650 per month) beginning from NTP forward for the entire term of construction.

Additional Project Support Options:

  • Concept Registration & Project Positioning - $900 dollars (one time for a 3 year term)
  • Ask Dr. Greenroads Support Question - $140 for Members, $175 for Non-Members
  • Strategic Programming Support - $140 for Members, $175 for Non-Members, Free to Member Agencies

We also offer a variety of support options for Members only based. Membership is recommended for all project team members and provides access to our outstanding sustainable transportation education program for all staff.

For agencies seeking help with institutionalizing Greenroads best practices themselves, we recommend our Greenroads Signature Community membership. For agencies seeking policy or planning support for multiple projects through design and delivery, we recommend our Forevergreen Agency membership.

Certification: Fee Estimate (Approximate)

We base our Certification fees on the size of the Project (measured by the design fees + engineer's estimate of the construction contract price + associated right-of-way costs). This is the fairest indicator that we found industry-wide that adequately represents the complexity of the project and the amount of our time that your team will require for you to be successful.

Enter the estimated or actual construction value of the project below in US, New Zealand or Canadian dollars to get a quick estimate of the fee for certification. We strongly recommend that you fill out the free screening application before relying on this tool so that we can help give you a more accurate estimate of the certification cost, especially if you have a complex project with several segments or phases.

Pilot Project Fees

PIlot Project Assessments may be done at any time by any project anywhere. The fees listed below do not include travel or Registration and Project Support fees.
  • Pilot Project <$15 million USD - $2,500 domestic/$3,250 international
  • Pilot Project $15+ million USD - $5,000 domestic/$6,500 international
Pilot Projects include the following deliverables: access to the Project Workspace for uploading documents, a scorecard detailing your Project's performance snapshot as-is and its potential (as presented to Greenroads) with brief feedback on each credit, and a short presentation of your results.
If you would like a technical report with your Assessment, prices are 4x more for domestic projects and 6x more for international projects per project. They include original research by Greenroads expressly for your Project and include a set of personalized recommendations for the Owner and Project Team.
International Pilot Program Fees
For international organizations looking to get involved, Pilot Project Assessments are the place to start. Before Certification of any project is permitted in any country, we require a substantial amount of actual project data is collected and tested through a formal Greenroads Pilot Program. A PIlot Program consists of multiple Pilot Projects that represent a good mix of the types of transportation construction works going on in a particular place in the world. We can prepare a customized Pilot Program and scope for you. The investment required in an international pilot program can be up to $250,000 USD, will last approximately 3-4 years, and works best as owner-sponsored research in partnership with a local university. The necessary depth, number of projects, and duration of PIlot Programs varies substantially between countries.