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Questions or comments about the Greenroads Rating System? Please submit a question using this form. A limited numbere of Ask Dr. Greenroads questions are included in Registration and Project Support, Pilot Projects, and Certification. Questions submitted from other users are subject to per-question fees, with member discounts available.

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Most Popular Blog Articles

The Greenroads Blog provides news from behind the scenes and is our main guidance for active projects. The blog contains tips and strategies for greening your transportation projects as well as examples and some detailed case studies. Here are some of the most popular articles - please visit the blog for more as it is updated more frequently than this page.


Roadprint for Energy & Carbon Footprint

Using the Roadprint web-app tool satisfies Project Requirement PR-2 and may be useful for early planning and alternative development purposes. Alternate tools may also be approved for use but must do both energy and carbon footprint computations (not just one or the other). This tool uses a mostly USA and European (aging but high quality) dataset, which is used in most proprietary LCA tools. If you are not located in the USA, you can use this tool by selecting a state for your model with a best approximation of your local energy mix. Or, you can propose an alternate tool with verifiable/transparent data sources (no proprietary tools will be approved at this time) through the Project Certification process.

Roadprint is graciously hosted by Pavia Systems and was developed by the University of Washington for a FHWA Western Federal Lands research grant. Please note, Roadprint has no continued funding for support and WFL, Pavia, and UW do not provide help with the tool. However, it is free to use and measures the desired items for purposes of Greenroads Certification reliably. Greenroads staff can provide help for active project teams only that are Registered and pursing a Rating. Alternatively, if you want to help us make Roadprint better, you can consider donating or sponsoring this tool for it to be updated and maintained. 

The LCCA Calculator Excel spreadsheet tool below can be used to compute the net present value (NPV) of a Project and user costs associated with different traffic management solutions during construction. Using this tool satisfies Project Requirement PR-6.

Sample Contract Language

Do you have questions about what certifying a Greenroads project will mean to your project team? The documents below provide guidance on how to structure an agreement between a project owner and those responsible for coordination and documentation. The sample Scope of Services lists tasks to be completed by the Greenroads team, whether that is done in house, or by a consultant or contractor, from project inception to certification. This can be included as a supplement to other agreements for services. The accompanying RFP can be used to solicit qualified teams to perform this work. Finally, an Agency Agreement is provided to allow the designated agent to act on behalf of the owner. 

Please note that these sample documents are not required by Greenroads to be used on your project, and can be revised to meet your specific project requirements. No tasks listed on the scope of services are required to be completed by a consultant, and many items are optional altogether. Use discretion when incorporating these documents into your contractual arrangements.