Nothing beats Project experience. Here's why.

Here are some quotables from our owners and their teams. You can watch more on our YouTube channel.

Build Greenroads: Build Value

"We chose Greenroads because it was far more advanced than any other system.... and it meant an independent third party would tell us if we were doing right by the environment." - Dave Lowe, STP, Design Manager, Transportation Corridor Agency

"It is an organized approach for looking for savings. The assessment process really complements VE because it highlights points that get overlooked. We are used to looking at pavement design, but took a closer look at storm drain systems and found more environmentally friendly and cost effective methods to move forward." - Jim Amundsen, Alaska DOT, Chief Highway Engineer

"Greenroads has provided many new ideas which will allow our team to make more informed design and construction decisions regarding sustainability. In addition to the many environmental benefits, Midtown's investment in sustainable roadway projects contributes to long-term savings for operations and maintenance." - Marlon Marshall, Manager of Capital Projects for the Houston Midtown Redevelopment Authority.

Speak Sustainability the Same Way

"Greenroads is a communicator's dream!" - Dee Anne Health, Director of External Affairs, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

"It was an eye opener. It put us (Pavement Maintenance) in touch with the noise measurement engineers, environmental design folks, and San Jose street lighting crews, just to name a few. These aspects would never have been explored without Greenroads prompting." - Patrick Hess, City of San Jose

"One of the things we found on Transmission Gully was that Greenroads is a fantastic communications platform to raise people's awareness and understanding about sustainability." - Vanessa Browne, Principal Environmental Specialist, New Zealand Transport Agency

"Greenroads speaks engineer! It helped transform Tacoma‘s goals on sustainability and climate change into actual projects." - Jessica Knickerbocker, Project Engineer, City of Tacoma

"Working with Greenroads helped our relationship with our contractor." - Mindy Ly, Project Manager, City of Santa Ana


Green Aspirations Mean Higher Expectations

"Contractors should appoint a sustainability coordinator. In specs, that sustainability requirement is now replaced with Greenroads." - Peter Davis, Sustainability Manager, City of Austin

"Greenroads demonstrates greatest alignment with DoT aspirations It is focused on roads and highways. It is suitable for Middle East climate and context. It has greater international brand recognition - similar to LEED." - Steve Brown, Project Engineer, Aurecon Group Ltd