Why Greenroads?

If green buildings, why not Greenroads? There are many choices when it comes to sustainability. Choosing the right rating system that fits your Project is a good start. What is it about Greenroads that is so special? Here are all the talking points you'll ever need.

Greenroads Have Positive, Measurable Impacts

Look no further for the proof of performance that you can take directly to your decision makers and constituents.

Proof Points (2,764 kb)

7 Things That Make Greenroads Unique

Seven things we have that no other rating system has or even comes close to measuring up.

  1. 100% online third-party as-built performance rating done by independent experts
  2. 100% owner support from all clients or executive level policy support for their agent organization to participate.
  3. More than 500 pages of original research that we wrote ourselves and tested before its launch on real projects. (Many rating tools may be original creations or variations, but none are comprehensively tested or calibrated like Greenroads).
  4. Experts that have been in the rating system development business for a decade.
  5. A photo of our executive director with the Secretary of Transportation in matching outfits.
  6. A thank you note from the President for making a difference in the U.S.
  7. Fun.

Save Money

Sustainability costs less! It's not a myth.


Nothing beats Project experience. Here's why.

It's Not Even a Contest

What makes Greenroads stand out?

Leaders in Green Transportation

This is our little version of ENR's "Top Green Designers and Contractors" in Green Transportation


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