Greenroads v2 Project Checklist

Target Score: 0
Requirements: No


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Project RequirementsY ? N
PR-1 Ecological Impact Analysis
PR-2 Energy & Carbon Footprint
PR-3 Low Impact Development
PR-4 Social Impact Analysis
PR-5 Community Engagement
PR-6 Lifecycle Cost Analysis
PR-7 Quality Control
PR-8 Pollution Prevention
PR-9 Waste Management
PR-10 Noise & Glare Control
PR-11 Utility Conflict Analysis
PR-12 Asset Management
Environment & WaterAttemptingMy Score
EW-1 Preferred Alignment3 points
EW-2 Ecological Connectivity1-3 points
EW-3 Habitat Conservation1-3 points
EW-4 Land Use Enhancements1-3 points
EW-5 Vegetation Quality1-3 points
EW-6 Soil Management1-3 points
EW-7 Water Conservation1-3 points
EW-8 Runoff Flow Control1-3 points
EW-9 Enhanced Treatment: Metals1-3 points
EW-10 Oil & Contaminant Treatment1-3 points
Construction ActivitiesAttemptingMy Score
CA-1 Environmental Excellence1-3 points
CA-2 Workzone Health & Safety1-2 points
CA-3 Quality Process1-3 points
CA-4 Equipment Fuel Efficiency1 point
CA-5 Workzone Air Emissions1 point
CA-6 Workzone Water Use2-3 points
CA-7 Accelerated Construction1-2 points
CA-8 Procurement Integrity1 point
CA-9 Communications & Outreach1 point
CA-10 Fair & Skilled Labor1-2 points
CA-11 Local Economic Development1 point
Materials & DesignAttemptingMy Score
MD-1 Preservation & Reuse1-5 points
MD-2 Recycled & Recovered Content1-5 points
MD-3 Environmental Product Declarations2 points
MD-4 Health Product Declarations2 points
MD-5 Local Materials1-5 points
MD-6 Long-Life Design1-5 points
Utilities & ControlsAttemptingMy Score
UC-1 Utility Upgrades1-2 points
UC-2 Maintenance & Emergency Access1 point
UC-3 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure1-3 points
UC-4 Energy Efficiency1-3 points
UC-5 Alternative Energy1-3 points
UC-6 Lighting & Controls1-3 points
UC-7 Traffic Emissions Reduction1-3 points
UC-8 Travel Time Reduction1-2 points
Access & LivabilityAttemptingMy Score
AL-1 Safety Audit1-2 points
AL-2 Safety Enhancements1-2 points
AL-3 Multimodal Connectivity1-2 points
AL-4 Equity & Accessibility1-2 points
AL-5 Active Transportation1-2 points
AL-6 Health Impact Analysis2 points
AL-7 Noise & Glare Reduction1-3 points
AL-8 Culture & Recreation1-2 points
AL-9 Archaeology & History1-2 points
AL-10 Scenery & Aesthetics1-2 points
Creativity & EffortAttemptingMy Score
CE-1 Educated Team1-2 points
CE-2 Innovative Ideas1-5 points
CE-3 Enhanced Performance1-5 points
CE-4 Local Values1-3 points