Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Want to work with Greenroads? Check out these open opportunities.

View a summary of open (staff and Board) positions via (reposts from other job sites redirect here).

Volunteer opportunities via If you have earned your Community Advocate Brown Badge (Greenroads Level 1 STP) we have several ongoing opportunities for you to get involved. If you are located in the Seattle metro area, we are also looking for some in-office assistance on filing, mailing, data entry and other easy tasks. From time to time, we also post Project Associate (Orange Badge) assistance opportunities on this site for local project teams without a STP.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (required for all volunteers and staff)

Track your volunteer hours via for us to help you with employer volunteer reporting.


These opportunities are available for Individual Greenroads Members and employees of active Greenroads Member Organizations.

Research Internships & Mentoring

Greenroads is seeking academic partners for undergraduate and graduate research opportunities in the following departments:

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Planning/Land Development
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Any combination of the fields above

We can offer quarter- or semester-long academic research projects for students in exchange for course-credit with the opportunity to stay on for a paid position as funds and research opportunities allow. If you are a student and you want to do interesting research in sustainable transportation, you can contribute to the growth of the Greenroads program. Help us get set up with your academic department to offer this experience to you and perhaps we can write some beautiful papers together.