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Professional Credentials

A description of our Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) credentialing program


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STP Program

STP Levels

We are planning to expand the STP program to four levels by the end of 2015.

The purpose of multiple levels of the STP credential is to reach the widest audience and target specific areas of professionals who want to use their credentials in specific ways. A good way to understand the levels we have in mind is as follows:

  1. Brown Badge. Basic Sustainability Knowledge. The Brown Badge is the entry level STP credential. Greenroads offers this credential for free to active individual members of Greenroads (to raise the bar for sustainability across our membership and provide a platform for communication between members and in the industry). Someone who is involved at a high level in sustainable transportation work may be interested in this credential because it addresses high-level ideas and broad concepts. This exam is currently open!
  2. Orange Badge. Rating System Knowledge. The Orange Badge is the second level credential exam. This test covers details of the rating system specifically. Someone who wants to work on Greenroads projects will be interested in having this credential because it demonstrates that you know how the credits and categories work within the Project Rating Program. The exam is currently in development and scheduled for launch in 2015 (finally!) The exam is comprised of modules that can be taken all at once or on their own.
  3. Blue Badge. Greenroads Project Management Knowledge. The Greenroads Blue Badge exam will cover details of project-based knowledge. This credential is intended to represent the most experienced professionals who work actively on developing, designing or constructing Greenroads projects. It is a written exam and Candidates will need to apply and take the exam in a proctored environment, most likely at the Greenroads office in the Seattle area. The Blue Badge STPs are the folks that really know how to manage a Greenroads project and will be recommended Greenroads providers in the website directories.
  4. White Badge. Greenroads Peer Review Team/Local Experts. The Greenroads White Badge exam will be similar in rigor to the Blue Badge exam, but is designed to train independent raters and subject matter experts that want to help expand the use of Greenroads in their area or demonstrate a high level of technical knowledge in one of the tested categories. White Badge STPs wiill help us develop future versions of the Manual, and help Greenroads staff rate projects by providing local feedback from time to time, translations where necessary, etc. White Badge STPs may NOT have any declared or perceived conflicts of interest with the projects they might help with. Blue badge is recommended for invitation (90% score or better is automatic invitation to Candidacy), Brown and Orange badges are required.

Note that frequency and schedule of offering the exams are subject to change based on the results of the initial examinations.

  • All STP exams are designed to comply with the ANSI/ISO 17024 standard for accreditation of people.
  • Courses and exams are independent. One does not have to complete a course in order to sit for an exam.
  • STP is not required to participate in the Project Rating Program, but Projects (and their Project Teams) may earn points toward certification.

Credential Maintenance

STPs at all levels are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date if you change companies, or move.

The easiest way to maintain your credential and stay involved with Greenroads is to maintain an individual membership subscription. Upgrade your membership and keep your account up to date on your personal profile by logging in with your Greenroads username and password (at the top right of this page).

We believe in simplicity, expecially for credential maintenance. All Greenroads STP credentials require ongoing maintenance which can be satisfied through:

  • Paying a biannual renewal fee of $100 for each badge level earned. (Note all Alpha class STPs expire on December 31, 2015.)
  • Repeating most recent exam level every two years (may not retake same version).
  • Attending STP-only refresher webinars, other educational courses, or recorded webinars (especially in conjunction with Manual updates)
  • Project participation. Keep your STP active by working on a registered project or register one yourself, and earn points for your team.
  • Volunteering 8 hours per year for Greenroads (participate in committees, research, local advocacy, help out at events or the office, and many other ways)

You will receive a reminder notice 60 days in advance of expiration. If none of the above items are satisfied upon your renewal date, your name will be deactivated and removed from the STP Directory.

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