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Professional Credentials

A description of our Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) credentialing program

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STP Levels

We are planning to create up to four levels of Greenroads’ Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) credential program in the coming years:

The purpose of multiple levels of the STP credential is to reach the widest audience and target specific areas of professionals who want to use their credentials in specific ways. A good way to understand the levels we have in mind is as follows:


  1. Basic Sustainability Knowledge. The STP credential is provided free to members of our organization (to raise the bar for sustainability across our membership and provide a platform for communication between members and in the industry). Someone who is involved at a high level in sustainable transportation work may be interested in this credential because it addresses high-level ideas and broad concepts. This exam is currently open!
  2. Rating System Knowledge. The STP2 credential will cover details of the rating system specifically. Someone who wants to work on Greenroads projects will be interested in having this credential because it demonstrates that you know how the credits and categories work within the Project Rating Program. The STP2 is currently in development and scheduled for launch in 2013.
  3. Using the Rating System Knowledge. The STP3 credential will cover details of project-based knowledge. This credential is intended to represent the most experienced professionals who work actively on developing, designing or constructing Greenroads projects.
  4. Specialty or Expert Level Knowledge. The subscript credentials are still in development. The idea here is that a person can establish their expertise in their personal interest area by earning this credential acccording to 1) a general understanding of the rating system and how it works on projects and 2) demonstrating a higher level of analysis that may be required for certain activities on sustainable transportation projects (e.g. knowing how best to specify what recycling method for pavement materials given a certain project context).


Note that frequency and schedule of offering the exams are subject to change based on the results of the initial examinations.

  • All STP exams are designed to comply with the ANSI/ISO 17024 standard for accreditation of people.
  • The STP exam is free to Individual Members, with higher level exams (when available) offered at a discount to members.
  • Courses and exams are independent. One does not have to complete a course in order to sit for an exam.
  • STP is not required to participate in the Project Rating Program, but Projects (and their Project Teams) may earn points toward certification through a Custom Credit.
  • Subscripts for Specialty Stripes exams indicate expertise areas for practitioners (MD is Materials & Design, etc.) 

Launch Dates for First STP Exams

The initial STP (Alpha) Exam for the entry level credential. Additional iterations (Beta, etc.) of the STP Exam may be necessary to achieve the desired performance from exam participants.

  • The STP exam is open to registered test takers. There is currently no close date scheduled.
  • Once you are registered, you may take the STP Exam at any time within one year of registration.
  • We will cap the number of Alpha Exam Candidates at 200 for quality assessment purposes. Exams may become unavailable temporarily in order for Staff to complete this performance review activity.
  • STP2 is anticipated by the end of 2013.
  • Higher levels of the STP credential should be expected in 2014 or sooner.

Credential Maintenance

All credentials require ongoing maintenance which can be satisfied through:

  • Repeating exams every three years
  • Sitting for refresher courses (especially in conjunction with Manual updates)
  • Project participation
  • Participating on Greenroads committees or at events with educational sessions.
The basic STP credential may be renewed by maintaining active membership in Greenroads as an Individual Member.


Test Fees

Pricing for the STPα exam will be as follows:

Full-time Employees of Government Agencies or Non-Profits

  • Free with Civic Membership ($75)
  • $125 for non-members

All Other Professionals

  • Free with Professional Membership ($95)
  • $125 for non-members


  • $95 for full-time students. 1 year Student Membership FREE with exam registration.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. The alpha exam participants will be asked for feedback and criticism on the exam itself. Until results of the exam are known, the STP should be considered a temporary credential that expires in one year and we may ask that alpha exam takers participate again a future exam or sit for a support course to supplement the alpha exam (at no cost) at a later date.

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