Mission, Vision and Values

The conceptual foundation of the Greenroads Foundation.

Mission Statement

To benefit communities and the environment by recognizing sustainable transportation projects and by promoting sustainability education for transportation infrastructure.

Vision Statement

Fundamentally change the way the world builds transportation projects.

Core Values

The organization is structured around the seven core values of sustainability as seen in the Greenroads Rating System. Greenroads serves the general public and promotes these core values in all its activities:

  • Ecology – Minimize impacts and improve the environment. 
  • Equity – Seek quality of life for all. 
  • Economy – Manage resources wisely. 
  • Extent – Determine relevant physical and temporal constraints for decision?making. 
  • Expectations – Define relevant human values and interests for decision?making. 
  • Experience – Encourage integrated teams of learned experts. 
  • Exposure – Develop new knowledge and teach it to others.

How We Do Business

Greenroads promotes environmental stewardship, accountability, integrity, transparency, collaboration, mutual respect, equal opportunity, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our corporation. These principles govern how we interact with clients, project teams, and ourselves.