Ops Team

Meet the people who manage the daily activities of Greenroads.

Meet the people who manage the daily activities of Greenroads.


Executive Director: Jeralee  Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP

Jeralee manages the daily operations of Greenroads Foundation and its charitable programs and executes the goals and policies of the Board of Directors. She recently received her doctorate in sustainability and civil engineering from the University of Washington. Jeralee worked in a variety of structural, geotechnical and construction engineering positions after receiving her undergraduate degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She is a licensed professional engineer in Washington State and California. She drinks way too much coffee, like most Executive Directors of non-profits, and enjoys lifting extremely heavy things for "fun" and "for time."

Accounts Manager: Adele Botha, E.I.T.

Adele will take your donations, invoice payments, pay our bills, get your project fees estimated, and help you sign your Greenroads contracts. She will get you registered and ready to go on the Project workspace. Adele, who hails from South Africa, is a former construction superintendent for Kiewit who went off to work for herself as her own as a licensed residential contractor. Another University of Washington grad, Adele took a winding path from engineering and eventually found her happiness in balancing the books and checking our balances. She likes money, because, who doesn't? She is currently working on her Accounting Certificate and getting all A's, because A is for Adele, just like it is for Awesome.

Program Manager: Nicole Jackson

After graduating from Northwestern University, Nicole received her commission in the US Navy and embarked on a variety of adventures such as navigating a $1 billion destroyer through the Persian Gulf, managing weapons system installation, and operating a nuclear reactor.  After the Navy, Nicole completed a Masters in Engineering Management degree at Old Dominion University and worked as a lean and six sigma process improvement manager.  She loves to travel; her favorite road-related journeys include traveling over land from Bangkok to Amsterdam and biking through the Andes on the most dangerous road in the world.

Communications Manager: Jamie Holter

Jamie is a welcome addition to our team of engineers, because she knows how to talk transportation and translate our words and data to regular people. She's a seasoned professional communicator, or as she calls it, a "recovering journalist." Far away from her former land of CNN, she found herself in the abyss of civil engineering and construction as Washington DOT Director of Communications for Puget Sound for a decade. She then wandered into the world of traffic data at INRIX, and can nerd out on travel times and routes with the best of them. Give us a call, and Jamie will trade some stories with you and you can tell her what's the best green part about your project. She's high energy and much fun.

Project Engineer: Craig Weiland, E.I.T.

Craig handles reviews of projects participating in the Greenroads Project Rating Program. After completing his undergraduate degree in civil engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, Craig earned his master’s degree at the University of Washington; with a focus on environmental lifecycle assessment (LCA) of pavements. Before joining Greenroads staff, he worked as an engineer performing construction inspections, surveying and estimating for transportation projects. Craig likes to climb rocks, enjoys a good Seattle brew, and is most likely to be found off the grid climbing something in the snow. He may or may not be lost in New Zealand on the south island right now, we are not totally sure.

Admin Team: Lucy B.

Our fuzzy office helper never fails to speak her mind, especially during important phone calls. Lucy also helps us model our Greenroads schwag, and keeps the office couches warm. She's always ready with a wag and is a wonderful liasion on site visits and road trips. She often gets into the press more than our Executive Director, as she is quite photogenic.



Website Developer: Webkey LLC

Cory Crocker and Jordan Schulz

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Seattle, WA

General Counsel  

Doug Reiser, Attorney and Danielle Teagarden
Reiser Legal, PLLC
legal at greenroads.org
Seattle, WA

Graphic Design
Denise Sakaki

Duvall, WA


Greenroads has amazing volunteers.  We would like to recognize the following people for their time and help:

  • Ilya Kosilkin, Ph.D., Boeing (Photographer)
  • Yenyu Lin, Sinotech Ltd., Taiwan
  • Manisa Veeravigrom, University of Washington (Thailand)
  • Susan Carter, Hopelink
  • Vanessa Browne, STP - New Zealand Transport Agency