Greenroads Certified Silver

Smokey Point Transit Center



  • Owner: Community Transit
  • Lead Designer: Perteet
  • Prime Contractor: CA Carey Corporation
  • Cost: $4.58 million USD
  • Rating System: Version 1.5


The redeveloped transit center, formerly a small off-street bus pullout area with an unregulated dirt parking area and no streetside connecting sidewalks, now provides four new bus zones surrounding a new transit island and a new bus pullout on Smokey Point Boulevard. The new facility includes innovative shelters, better pedestrian access, and better lighting. The purpose of the project was to expand facilities at an existing transit hub to increase safety for Community Transit's bus users and bus drivers, and provide for improvement of bus transfer services in the future. Smokey Point Transit Center serves more than 155 bus trips a day, and the new facility will allow for transfers and connections for five transit routes that serve the area.

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  • 99.5% infiltration of stormwater
  • 80.4% of infiltrated stormwater receives enhanced treatment
  • Long-life, low maintenance concrete pavement designed to take a beating
  • 99.7% regionally sourced materials by weight
  • A more than 6,000 square foot raingarden
  • Over 12,000 square feet of natively vegetated landscaping within the site, including the raingarden
  • Bike lockers and other transit user safety amenities
  • Artwork installation by community artist
  • More than 12 transit trips per hour, with room for future growth
  • Over 10,500 square feet of sidewalks and sheltered pedestrian space

Smokey Point Transit Center Panoramic

SPTC Team: Presentation to Community Transit Board of Directors

SPTC: Raingarden on site treats and manages runon and runoff

SPTC: New transit shelters are light and bright

SPTC: New Shelter on Smokey Point Boulevard

SPTC: View from Smokey Point Intersection

SPTC: Sculpture called "Honoring Tenses of Time," by artist Julie Berger

SPTC: Happy Team Photo Outdoors