Greenroads Certified Bronze

SR 527 Multiway Boulevard Phase 1W: West Side Improvements



Owner: City of Bothell, WA

Engineer's Estimate: $4.6 mil

Funders/Stakeholders: City of Bothell, Washington Department of Transportation, Transportation Improvement Board

Design: Perteet, Inc. (Lead), HBB

Contractor: Johansen Excavating (Prime)

Functional Class: Local

Length: 0.30 miles (0.30 lane-miles)

Greenroads Version: v1.5


Bothell Multiway Boulevard Phase 1-W involves construction of a local frontage access for businesses along the main arterial roadway and urban improvements that transform Bothell Way NE (Washington State Route 527) into a wider, multi-functional transportation facility. This project in turn is a part of Bothell's Downtown Revitalization Plan, which encourages local business development and growth, and is the first of three phases of work set to be built a few lanes at a time.

This phase includes construction of all of the drainage features that will support the reconstructed arterials, including permeable pavers, bioswales and an underground treatment system called a "treatment gallery." All of these stormwater infrastructure features will treat and manage the water before it leaves the site, and help make a nice pedestrian area away from the busy arterial, State Route 527.

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*68.4% cooler pavements and permeable pavers *98.1% on-site infiltration of stormwater runoff and run-on from outside the Project *More than 278 million gallons of stormwater treated and infiltrated by rain gardens with amended soils, permeable pavers and a subsurface treatment gallery *Urban street amenities to promote pedestrian comfort and safety *Energy efficient LED street lighting *Over 16,000 square feet of pedestrian areas