Greenroads Pilot Project

Todd Lane Improvements Pilot Project



The Todd Lane Improvements Project includes the reconstruction and widening of Todd Lane between St. Elmo Road and Ben White Boulevard (Highway 71). Construction widened the alignment and added sidewalks and bike lanes, base stabilization, removal and reconstruction of existing pavements, intersection improvements including a roundabout, new stormwater controls including several bioretention basins, and upgraded lighting and landscaping.


This Pilot Project study was completed in 2014 for the City of Austin. As with most Pilot Projects, there is a pretty large gap between the raw score for the project (what we are shown and what is discussed) and what is potentially obtainable based on the scope of work. Todd Lane has a potential with a deliberate effort and low- to no-cost additions to reach that elusive Gold mark (54 points). It would be pretty tough to do this though, especially since the bid administration already was in progress, and a more reasonable target for pursuit of Certification was Bronze.

Todd Lane Pilot Project Potential Score

Todd Lane Pilot Project Credit Score Chart