Greenroads Certified Bronze

Bristol Street Widening Phase II



Owner: City of Santa Ana, CA

Project Value (Design + Construction + ROW): $42 million

Contract Price: $10.2 million

Funders/Stakeholders: OCTA Gas Tax, OCTA Measure M2 grant

Design: City of Santa Ana

Construction Management: City of Santa Ana

Contractor: All-American Asphalt

Class: Arterial

Project Length: 0.6 miles (3.6 lane-miles) 

Greenroads Version: v1.5


Bristol Street is a 5 phase, $225 million reconstruction and widening project that updates the existing Bristol Street corridor from a 4-lane to a 6-lane arterial. The project also adds bike-lanes, bus pullouts, widened and upgraded sidewalk facilities, bioswales and a vegetated median. Phase II includes the portion of the corridor from 3rd St. to Civic Center Dr.

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The project emphasized stormwater management improvements using low impact development with 15-foot wide vegetated rock swales with drought tolerant and native plants along the corridor. This is the first Greenroads project that demonstrates LID features in an arid climate. The project successfully reduced impervious area within the project limits by more than 10%! The City also saved money with an LED lighting upgrade agreement with the private utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric. PG&E absorbed the cost of the retrofit, reducing the total contract price. Key features of the project included:

  • 6-foot bike lanes added along length of corridor
  • Over an acre of sidewalk area 
  • Added dedicated bus pullouts and bus shelters
  • 20% of asphalt binder in HMA wearing course replaced with recycled rubber
  • Incorporated a 15 foot wide bioswale over 0.5 miles of the corridor for treatment and flow reduction of stormwater
  • Drought-resistant non-invasive plants used in landscaping
  • LED lighting retrofit arranged with Pacific Gas & Electric to increase energy efficiency and reduce light pollution



This Project Team came into the program during the late design phase just before bid administration. In this project, the City used a unique approach to contractor engagement. The City registered the project, and built in specifications to complete the necessary Project Requirements into the bid documents (Quality Control Plan, Noise Mitigation, Waste Management, etc.), then incorporated the remainder of the Certification fee into the bid to be paid on the milestone of preliminary submittal.

This approach allowed them to ballpark a cost and receive per-item estimates from the bidding parties for development of the required Greenroads construction plans. Because it was the first time the City had been through the Greenroads process, and the same truth applied to the bidding teams, keep in mind that all parties were essentially guessing with no prior known baseline about the expected costs of these items. As a result, the guesses on costs are cannot be meaningfully applied to other projects and in this specific approach are only marginally informative about differences in bidders. In order to compare the bids, one must make assumptions about what the other party was guessing. And, at the end of the day the City had to award the contract to the lowest bidder by law. We can say with certainty that the Greenroads costs did not impact the choice of contractor because the lowest bidder won by hundreds of thousands of dollars. The range of estimated costs for Greenroads plan development ranged from $0-$25000 in Orange County, CA with this specific size and value of project and scope of work at this current point in time, subject to relevant market conditions. As a result, we do not recommend that this number is used by anyone else unless it is used as a fixed performance incentive for increasing participation from the construction team for specific results or performance.

The City managed its own documentation on this project and the construction contractor, All American Asphalt, participated by providing documentation to the City, but did not participate directly with Greenroads. We are not aware of any incentives, penalties or other performance requirements for the contractor that would have encouraged them to provide or prepare information beyond the noted Project Requirements for this Project.

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View looking toward 3rd Street, shows access for multiple modes.

View looking toward 3rd Street - multimodal access

Team Photo

City and Contractor Team Photo During Construction

View facing Civic Center Dr

Outlet for swale

Swale in construction

Waste Management and Staging area

Pollution preventionand dust control