Greenroads Certified Bronze

14th Street: Market Street to Colfax Avenue



Owner: City and County of Denver, CO

Engineers Estimate: $9.3 million

Lowest Bidder: $8.2 million

Project Length: 0.25 miles (0.5 lane miles)

Designer: Parsons Brinckerhoff

Contractor: Concrete Works of Colorado

Functional Class: Local

Greenroads Version: v1.5


The 14th Street project was constructed to welcome visitors to the downtown area with enhanced pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the 12 blocks from Market Street to Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver. The project has been dubbed "Ambassador Street" because of its visitor oriented facilities. The corridor is home to the Colorado Convention Center as well as numerous hotels and restaurants. The project earned points for many Access & Equity credits for its bicycle and pedestrian amenities, as well as for using local and recycled materials. It is the first Greenroads Certified project in the state of Colorado!


Sustainability features focused on improvements to active modes of transportation, with significant enhancements to the pedestrian environment as well as bicycle access. The project also emphasized responsible sourcing and disposal of construction materials. Specific features include:


  • Sidewalks measuring 16' and 19' in width at the southern and northern edges of the road, respectively
  • Pedestrian amenities such as seating areas, planters, street and accent lighting, and wayfinding signage
  • Bulb-outs to minimize pedestrian crossing distances
  • On-street bike lane extending the length of the corridor to connect existing Cherry Creek Trail and Civic Center Park
  • Over 99% diversion rate for construction waste
  • Use of 17% recycled materials in pavement and asphalt structures, with a majority of project materials sourced within 25 miles of project site


Information panels installed on the project.

Local business interests were integrated into the new sidewalk improvements.

Sidewalk planters and planter strips.

A light rail line runs through the project and connects to the Convention Center that is on 14th Str