Greenroads Certified Silver

Bagby Street Reconstruction



Lowest Bidder: $9.6 million

Project Length: 0.62 miles (1.24 lane-miles)

Owner: Midtown Redevelopment Authority, Houston, TX

Lead Design: Walter P. Moore

Design Support: Design Workshop

Contractor: SER Construction Partners

Functional Class: Collector

Greenroads Version: v1.5


The Bagby Street Reconstruction Project is the first Greenroads project in Texas, redeveloping a deteriorating ten-block corridor in the dense, urban, and rapidly developing Midtown neighborhood of Houston. The existing asphalt surface was is in poor condition with severe cracking, potholes, and patching evident throughout. In addition to surface rehabilitation the Project provides an improvement to pedestrian and parking facilities with access to local businesses and the Midtown Park, as well as low-impact development technologies. Space for these upgrades was found by implementing a road-diet, as traffic studies determined that the four-lane one-way collector could comfortably be reduced to two lanes.


Sustainable features on the project revolved around the goal of accommodating traffic while enhancing pedestrian accessibility and promoting development, in addition to stormwater improvements and responsible material practices. Specific features included:

  • Artistic elements incorporated into sidewalks, seating, planters, and bollards
  • Over 50,000 sf of sidewalk area, significantly reduced crosswalk lengths
  • Energy efficient LED street lighting
  • Rain gardens used to attenuate stormwater flows
  • $25 million of private development encouraged by project
  • Pavement designed for 40 year design life
  • 25% of Portland cement replaced with recycled materials

Benches with LED lighting (photo by Walter P. Moore)

Midtown Signage for Bagby Street (photo by Walter P. Moore)

Rain gardens and walkways (photo by Walter P. Moore)

New sidewalks (photo by Walter P. Moore)

Award Presentation at Bagby Street Press Conference