Greenroads Certified Bronze

2010 STP Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Project - Monterey Road



Engineers Estimate: $2.39 million

Lowest Bidder: $2.68 million

Funders/Stakeholders: Caltrans

Owner: City of San Jose, CA

Lead Design: City of San Jose Department of Transportatoin

Project Length: 2.06 Miles (8.25 Lane-Miles)

Functional Class: Arterial

Contractor: Pavex

Greenroads Version: v1.5


This project included pavement rehabilitation, construction of a PCC bus pad, removal and replacement of existing curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways, and wheelchair ramps, and removal and replacement of the traffic signal detector loops, lighted crosswalk warning system, and street lights on 2.06 miles of Monterey Road. Cold in-Place Recycling was used on the roadway followed by resurfacing with 2 inches of Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt. This is the first Greenroads Certified project in California and a good example of how simple overlay projects can go above and beyond standard practice and become certified.


The Monterey Road Reconstruction Project used an alternate bid to compare the use of Cold in-Place Recycling (CIR) to traditional methods of asphalt pavement preservation, demonstrating that significant cost savings could be acheived along with environmental benefits. The project also incorporated recycled materials as replacement for asphalt binder and LED street lighting. Highlights of the project include:

  • 23% cost savings as a result of the use of CIR
  • Reuse of 97% of existing pavement material, reducing virgin material use and diverting waste from landfills
  • Replacement of 19% of the required asphalt binder with recycled rubber tires, reducing material environmental impacts as well as pavement noise
  • Installation of 102 energy efficient LED street lighting fixtures meeting Energy Star standards  


Finished Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA) surface course

New Monterey Road surface

Finished RHMA surface course on the left, CIR base on the right

Cold in-place (CIR) paving crew