Greenroads Certified Bronze

Asotin Court



Owner: City of Tacoma, WA

Allocated Construction Cost: $0.45 million

Funders/Stakeholders: Washington Department of Ecology, Tacoma Environmental Services, Tacoma Water

Design: City of Tacoma

Contractor: Miles Resources

Functional Class: Local

Project Length: 0.11 miles (0.22 lane-miles)

Greenroads Version: v1.5


The Asotin Court project converted a failed residential street and cul-de-sac in southeast Tacoma to a newly constructed streetscape featuring porous asphalt, pedestrian amenities, sustainable landscaping and utility improvements. The project was motivated by the close proximity of Wapato Lake, part of the Flett Watershed. The lake has been found to be high in phosphorous, and projects that reduce contaminant loading to the lake are significant to its health.


The project focused on low impact development techniques to reduce storm flows through the Flett Watershed using infiltration, and improvements the health of Wapato Lake through reduction of phosphorous and particulate matter loading. Significant enhancements to the pedestrian environment were also a key focus. Specific project features included:


  • Use of porous asphalt to provide enhanced treatment to nearly five acres worth of stormwater through infiltration
  • Dense tree canopy of native, drought resistant plants to eliminate need for irrigation
  • More than 50 trees added to canopy
  • Reconstructed sidewalks and improved lighting along project length
  • 99.4% of project materials by cost sourced within 50 miles
  • 100% of demolition waste diverted from landfill through recycling program


Asotin Court Paving (Photo by KPG, Inc.)

Asotin Court ready for new sidewalk installation (Photo by KPG, Inc.)