Greenroads Pilot Project

Presidio Parkway Phase I: Pilot Project



Owner: Caltrans
Contract Price: $135.8 Million
Project Length: 1.5 Miles
Functional Class: Arterial
Greenroads Score: 41 Points


The Presidio Parkway project is the reconstruction of the southern access to the Golden Gate Bridge, US 101 or Doyle Drive, in San Francisco, CA.  The intent of this project is to upgrade structurally and seismically deficient roadways and to improve the overall design of the roadway to be more contextually appropriate for the Presidio of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Recreation Area.  The project will reduce impacts to bilogical, cultural and natural resources and should improve multi-modal access to the surrounding neighborhoods.  The project includes the construction of better pedestrian and bicycle facilities, the use of intelligent transportation systems, and the use of native vegetation.  Construction began in late 2009 and is scheduled to be complete in 2015.

Demolition of Old Doyle Drive Viaduct (Photo by Caltrans)

Aerial Photo of Project Area (Photo By Caltrans)

Painted Fins on New High Viaduct (Photo by Caltrans)