Greenroads Certified Silver

Meador-Kansas-Ellis Trail



Owner: City of Bellingham, WA
Contract Price: $0.853 Million
Project Length: 0.55 miles
Functional Class: Arterial
Greenroads Score: 44 Points
Greenroads Rating: Silver


The Meador-Kansas-Ellis Trail Project provided new pedestrian facilities between Meador Avenue and Ellis Street  This included a new pedestrian bridge over Whatcom Creek on Meador Ave. This project completed the Whatcom Creek Trail system between Lake Whatcom and Bellingham, an important connection for bicycle and pedestrian access to this recreational area. One of the most innovative strategies used on this project was the recycling of 400 old toilets, which were used as aggregate in the sidewalk concrete.  This new concrete mix has been named "Poticrete."  Read more in this blog post.

New Pedestrian Bridge

Crushed toilets for Poticrete mix

Poticrete Toilet Seat