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Greenroads Pilot Project

Camp Garcia Entrance Road



Owner: US Fish and Wildlife Servie
Contract Price: $6.0 Million
Project Length
Functional Class: Local Road
Greenroads Score: 26 Points


The Camp Garcia Entrance Road Project is located on the remote island of Vieques off of the coast of Puerto Rico. It is located in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge owned and operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Construction occurred during the summer of 2009. The existing route was surfaced with a mixture of aggregate and soil depending on the location on the project. This project addresses both drainage issues as well as improving the surfacing throughout the route.  The project also improved overpasses to allow better seawater flow to mangrove forests that require seawater to thrive.

This Pilot Project was done as part of University of Washington research for the Coordinated Federal Lands Highway Technology Implementation Program (CTIP). It is a cooperative technology deployment and sharing program between the FHWA Federal Lands Highway office and the Federal land management agencies. It provides a forum for identifying, studying, documenting, and transferring new technology to the transportation community.

Camp Garcia Entrance Road

Vieques Island Roadway

Vieques Island Overpass

Vieques Island Signage

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