Greenroads Pilot Project

14th Street: Market to Colfax Pilot Project



Owner: City and County of Denver, CO
Contract Price: ~$14 million
Project Length: 0.8 miles
Functional Class: Arterial
Greenroads Score: 43 points


The 14th Street project is intended to enhance the pedestrian experience along the 12 blocks from Market Street to Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver.  The sidewalks will be widened and will include seating areas, elongated planters and planter pots, trees, street lighting, accent lighting and wayfinding signage.  Bulbouts will be installed at intersections to minimize pedestrian crossing distances.  An on-street bike lane will be added to connect the Cherry Creek trail and Civic Center Park.  The roadway paving will consist primarily of HMA mill and overlay and full depth HMA replacement where necessary.  The new corridor will be set up as shown in the picture above.  More information on the project can be found on the City and County of Denver website as well as a simulated video of the final product.

14th St. Rendering

14th St. Final Corridor

14th St. Lane Configuration