Greenroads Pilot Project

Northshore Drive Road and Drainage Improvements



Owner: City of Bellingham, WA
Contract Price: $1.6 million
Project Length: 0.8 miles
Functional Class: Arterial
Greenroads Score: 29 points


The Northshore Drive Road and Drainage Improvements project consisted of an HMA overlay for the two lane road along the north side of Whatcom Lake (the water source for the City of Bellingham) along with sidewalk and stormwater system improvements. The project retrofits the entire street to meet requirements for both enhanced and phosphorus treatment of stormwater runoff, as well as completing the gap in the sidewalk between Dakin Street and the Silver Beach Store.Sustainable features include the installation of permeable sidewalks and bike lanes, creating additional access as well as promoting stormwater infiltration. The project also used local materials and reused the entire existing roadway structure as a base for the overlay.

Northshore Drive Greenroads Pilot Project Report (University of Washington Report) (634 kb)

Northshore Overlay

Northshore Bikers

Northshore Permeable Sidewalk