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What is Greenroads?

The Greenroads® Rating System is an easy way to measure and manage sustainability on transportation projects. The Rating System challenges Project Teams to go above and beyond minimum environmental, social and economic practices with an independent, third-party review. It is administered by the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Greenroads International. We are the missing link for the world's most sustainable cities, or those wishing to become greener cities, that have the LEED® Rating System down pat and an eye toward holistic sustainable development.

What We Do

Our BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL is to fundamentally change the way transportation projects are built. To this end we:

  • Share and publish state-of-the-industry design and construction practices
  • Act as a global ambassador for the good that transportation projects can do for the planet, people, prosperity and posterity

Check out some of our publications and peer-reviewed research that has earned us global credibility and recognition.

  • Show how transportation projects can measurably prove they saved money, saved water, saved energy, and reduced their carbon footprint
  • Rate projects through rigorous assessment to provide the transparent measurement of sustainability performance that elected leaders and taxpayers expect.

Learn more about our Project Rating Program, including Certification and Pilot Projects.

  • Educate planners, engineers, government, contractors, and suppliers on sustainability
  • Teach classes and webinars to provide foundational sustainability knowledge.
  • Train teams and individuals to have successful projects and share best practices within their teams.

Get educated and earn your street cred in our Sustainable Transportation Education Progam.

  • Connect people doing sustainable transportation with our membership program and events
  • Build a community of like minded individuals practicing sustainable transportation.

Get connected with our Members, the who's who of green transportation or become a corporate donor to show your support and help us get to a Forevergreen Future in 2020.

Why Green Transportation Matters

Transportation projects cost government agencies billions of dollars every year building and maintaining infrastructure. Those are real, hard tax dollars at work in the same, tired way they have been for the last several decades. It is time for a change - research shows that not only is sustainability easy to do it is now a necessity and a public mandate. Besides that, the rest of the world looks to the U.S. standards while they are busy building 90% of the new transportation infrastructure. Wouldn't it be nice if it were built with the environment in mind this time?

Greenroads helps owners, designers, contractors, suppliers and students:

  • Communicate what they are doing that is sustainable and why
  • Save money through smart design and construction choices.
  • Build trust with elected leaders and general public.
  • Clearly demonstrate sustainability as a value and commitment.
  • Connect private practice with public owners that share green goals.
  • Create professional connections in a new interdisciplinary community for sustainable transportation (and have some fun too.)
  • Keep pace with sustainability best practices.
At the end of the day, you cannot manage what you do not measure. More importantly, you cannot communicate what it is that you are doing for sustainability in a simple and meaningful way. So, what are you going to do on your Project today that makes a difference tomorrow?
Still want to know more? Take a look around or give us a call.

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